Working Close to Genesis Assets

Genesis Energy Limited (“Genesis/our/we/us”) has assets like tunnels, pipelines, tanks, dams, cables, lines and poles, and reticulated LPG networks (“Assets”) located on public and private property and we need to protect these to ensure that we can continue to operate our business and supply electricity and gas to our customers. Our assets are protected under the Electricity Act 1992 or through property rights like easements, leases or land ownership.

If you are planning work close to our assets you need to apply for a Work Close Approval if the work is in the vicinity or adjacent to any assets or any other structure owned by Genesis.

Why would I need to apply for Work Close Approval?
How will I know that I need Work Close Approval?
Who do I need to contact to get Work Close Approval?
What information do I need to provide?
How long will it take?
Next Steps

Application Form - Work Close Approval