Genesis School-gen

Genesis School-gen has provided free educational resources to schools across New Zealand since 2006.  We inspire kiwi kids to engage with STEM through learning about sustainability and energy, gaining the knowledge they need for the STEM jobs of future.

In 2018 we relaunched School-gen to connect more young New Zealanders with STEM and sustainability learning opportunities. The School-gen website provides a range of resources including solar data to learn from, and continues to work with almost 100 solar schools across New Zealand.

School-gen encourages the energy innovators of the future to get hands on with experiments that educate, enlighten and ultimately help students to build the skills and knowledge they'll need for the jobs of the future.

In February 2019 Genesis established an independent charitable Trust, The School-gen Trust, to complement the School-gen programme by providing equipment to New Zealand schools and inspiring students’ interest in STEM and renewable energy.


stemstars - brought to you by Genesis School-gen

We've partnered with Nanogirl Labs to support STEM education


Genesis and Nanogirl Labs have joined forces to help lift engagement levels in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) among Kiwi kids in New Zealand primary schools.

School-gen and Nanogirl Labs are launching STEMSTARS to primary schools around the country. STEMSTARS is a programme that will bring STEM to life for Year 3 and 4 students through storytelling, hands-on experiments and group activities. Teachers deliver the programme using eight modules which delve into learning topics such as electricity, wind, flotation and flight.

We believe in empowering New Zealand’s sustainable future, so feel a responsibility to help nurture the scientists of tomorrow. Engagement in STEM subjects begins in primary school so by empowering teachers with inspiring resources, we hope to lead students into future STEM study and careers, including in the energy sector.

STEMSTARS resources are grounded in sustainability principles, helping students learn how to care for their environment while gaining knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Schools can find out more about STEMSTARS on the STEMSTARS website, including how our 'Buy One, Give One' programme enables schools who need extra support to access this incredible resource.