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Nissan Leaf electric vehicles charging at a charge station
  • Climate hub
  • 8 Aug 2022

How good is New Zealand’s charging network?

Range anxiety is seen as a major barrier to EV adoption – how worried should you be about the country’s...

Man plugging charger into electric vehicle
  • Climate hub
  • 8 Aug 2022

Everything you need to know about installing an EV home charger

Wondering what’s involved with charging an EV? Ben Tutty explains what you need to charge your EV at home...

Hydrogen pump with a hydrogen car in the background
  • Climate hub
  • 8 Aug 2022

Hydrogen cars vs electric cars – which is the best choice?

Could hydrogen-powered cars be the future of transport – or will battery electric vehicles continue to...

Close-up of an electric vehicle at a public charging station
  • Climate hub
  • 8 Aug 2022

Which is the most sustainable electric car?

If you’re shopping for a new car, and considering an EV, which model is the most environmentally friendly...

Ute driving on a New Zealand highway
  • Climate hub
  • 5 Jul 2022

When will EV utes arrive in New Zealand?

Kiwis love EVs and we love utes – how long will we need to wait for good electric ute options to arrive on...

Woman's hands browsing a rack of clothes
  • Climate hub
  • 5 Jul 2022

How to choose sustainable fashion in New Zealand

Consumers have power in reducing the fashion industry’s carbon emissions, and producers are responding with...

Woman using heat pump
  • Climate hub
  • 9 Jun 2022

How heat pumps can tackle climate change

As the world tries to cut its dependence on fossil fuels the heat pump is proving to be an unsung eco-warrior

Man charging orange EV outside house
  • Climate hub
  • 8 Jun 2022

The future of EV batteries

Billions are being invested in developing the future of EV batteries to be more sustainable & perform better

Bridget William wearing her five-bead necklace
  • Climate hub
  • 7 Jun 2022

How to set your personal sustainability goal

Bridget Williams offers tips on how to set sustainably goals & about her social enterprise Bead and Proceed

Buying an electric car
  • Climate hub
  • 12 Apr 2022

What you need to know about buying a second-hand electric vehicle

Latest research shows that 43% of people would now consider an electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Neighbours talking over the fence
  • Climate hub
  • 16 Mar 2022

Peer-to-peer power: the future of sustainable household energy?

Peer-to-peer platforms have the potential to make household power cheaper and more...

Man opening oven
  • Climate hub
  • 2 Feb 2022

Top 5 power-hungry appliances

Which appliances use the most power in your home – and how can you manage them more effectively?

Showing 12 of 24 results

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