Sustainability for business

How using energy to address climate change can be good for business.

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woman reusing paper scraps in garden
  • Climate hub
  • 6 May 2022

Sustainable success: How 3 Kiwi businesses are going green

Small changes add up to sustainable success for these Kiwi businesses.

Woman shopping packaging free
  • Climate hub
  • 2 May 2022

Five ways to make your packaging more sustainable

Reduce your business’s carbon footprint by using packaging that fits into a circular economy

Chef cooking with gas
  • Climate hub
  • 8 Apr 2022

The future of gas

Within the next 10 years we could be cooking on gas made from waste, and using renewable gas for a whole lot..

Genesis electric truck
  • Climate hub
  • 2 Feb 2022

Electric trucks help drive a sustainable future

Transport is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Business owners can play their part in...

Genesis Wynyard building
  • Climate hub
  • 1 Feb 2022

Creating the energy-efficient building of the future

Office buildings of the future will be smarter, more connected and more sustainable than the buildings of...

Marisfrolg Headquarters Shenzhen
  • Climate hub
  • 24 Jan 2022

Dunedin-designed building showcases lower-energy construction

Marisfrolg Headquarters (120,000 square metre) is highly energy efficient in its construction & its operations

Woman shopping on mobile at home
  • Climate hub
  • 21 Jan 2022

5 consumer sustainability trends shaping the future of business

Consumers want to know more than ever about what they’re buying and investing in

Zilch electric vehicle
  • Climate hub
  • 20 Jan 2022

How to switch your business fleet to electric

Keen to ditch your gas-guzzling fleet for EVs? Zilch has some advice on how to make the change smooth for you

Future start button
  • Climate hub
  • 19 Oct 2021

The future of energy is coming to you

Could power become more affordable, sustainable and flexible as industry disruption gathers pace?

Otago Farmer with his EV
  • Climate hub
  • 12 Oct 2021

The rise of electric farm vehicles

Electric vehicles on farms? Right now the idea is getting considerable pushback, with a lack of electric utes

Business man on laptop
  • Climate hub
  • 7 Oct 2021

How do you decarbonise a business?

Meeting the challenge of climate change is going to significantly impact the way we work & live in New Zealand

Ports of Auckland
  • Climate hub
  • 4 Oct 2021

Localisation, higher prices and digital tracking

Supply chain issues continue to cause problems for our economy and across the world

Showing 12 of 13 results

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