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  • 20 Nov 2018
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Genesis to recertify Huntly Unit 2 for cover in 2019

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Genesis will temporarily recertify its Huntly Unit 2 coal and gas fired 250 MW Rankine for use in 2019. The unit had been removed from operation in September 2018 when its certification expired and Genesis was in the process of putting it into dry storage. In September Genesis returned Unit 4 to service to become its second available Rankine Unit instead.

Tracey Hickman, Genesis’ Executive General Manager Generation and Wholesale, says all going well, she now expects Unit 2 to be available to the market during Genesis’ planned Unit 1 Rankine recertification outage between February and April 2019. "After April, Unit 2 will be kept in wet storage until the end of its recertification in September 2019, with the Unit being available to the market next winter on a 12 to 24-hour call back in place of one of the other Rankine Units. The Rankine Unit is being recertified to provide short term cover only. It is important to note that due to limited numbers of highly skilled operators at Huntly, Genesis is not able to run Unit 5 and three Rankine Units concurrently."

Genesis updated the POCP site yesterday morning as soon as it confirmed its decision. However, it wishes to ensure the market is entirely clear that it cannot make all its certified Huntly units available at any one time. Whilst running all Rankine units at the same time remains a future possibility, it would involve a significant investment in training up additional people resources and further investment in the plant and at this stage Genesis sees no economic rationale for this.

"We see this temporary recertification as an important way of helping ensure market resilience going into what may be a constrained winter next year, given current gas production issues and rising Hydro Risk Curves from Transpower.This was not something we had planned to do but recent experiences caused us to reassess the situation. I am absolutely impressed by our Huntly and Engineering teams. Their can-do attitude and agility when thrown a new challenge is something we are very proud of and grateful for," says Hickman. 

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