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  • 13 Dec 2019
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Genesis to recertify Huntly Unit 2 for backup cover

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Genesis will recertify its Huntly Unit 2 coal and gas fired 250 MW Rankine in a backup role for the Huntly Power Station. Genesis currently has Unit 2 certified in a backup role, but is currently running Rankine Units 1 and 4, and gas units 5 and 6 only.

Nigel Clark, Genesis’ Executive General Manager, Wholesale Operations, said it is important to keep Unit 2 certified and available to the market in a backup role, even if it may not end up being used. "After October, Unit 2 was taken out of operation but kept out of storage as a backup unit. Its certification is due to expire 20 January 2020, and it will now be recertified beyond that date. This is to provide short term cover to the other Huntly units and enhance security of supply in the face of challenging market conditions projected for 2020. From February 2020, Unit 2 will become available within 12 to 48-hours as a backup, capable of providing full cover for Units 1 and 4. Unit 2 could potentially provide partial cover for Unit 5, depending on staffing availability at the time, including during the planned Unit 5 outage for maintenance in late 2020. It is important to reiterate, that Unit 2 will operate as a short-term backup option only. Genesis is not able to run all three Rankine Units concurrently with Unit 5 and is not planning to do so. This would require additional investment in training people, resources and further investment in Huntly Power Station. At this stage, Genesis sees no economic rationale for this. This recertification is an important way of helping ensure resilience for the New Zealand electricity market. Given ongoing constrained gas supply, the upcoming HVDC rolling outages and planned outages at Ahuroa and Pohokura gas fields, it is prudent to be well prepared. Thank you to our Engineering teams and all the Huntly staff who have stepped up on such short notice."

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