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  • 13 Aug 2018
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Genesis launches NZ-first technology for bottled gas customers

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No more cold showers for Genesis Bottled Gas customers with the launch of Bottled Gas Monitoring. Genesis’ new service to help customers manage and control their bottled gas use.

Genesis Chief Executive, Marc England, says the innovation is a New Zealand first, "Genesis is the only energy company providing this level of insight to New Zealand homes and I’m really proud to say it’s something we’ve created with our customers."

Bottled Gas Monitoring addresses two of the biggest customer frustrations Genesis identified; not knowing how much gas is left in the bottle and not knowing when to order a replacement gas bottle.

"We’ve listened to our customers frustrations and have created an innovative solution to make their lives easier. Now, instead of worrying if their shower will run cold, our customers have peace of mind because they receive alerts to let them know how much gas they have left and when to order a refill," Cameron Jardine, General Manager – LPG Operations Genesis.

Bottled Gas Monitoring was developed by Genesis alongside SenSys, a Christchurch based technology company. It features sensors that are installed under customers 45kg gas bottles and a LoraWAN enabled communications device to send data back to Genesis. "With this technology we’re able to give customers something they haven’t had before, timely updates on their bottled gas usage. Initially it’s only available to our residential customers in Auckland and Christchurch, however we have plans in place to roll the service out business customers and other regions later this year," said Jardine. 

Over 130,000 households have bottled gas nationally and Cameron expects interest in the service will be high. Bottled Gas Monitoring is available to customers with both gas and electricity on Genesis’ Bottled Gas Control plans.

Marc England says it’s just one way Genesis is helping  customers manage their energy needs by giving them information, advice and ultimately putting control in their hands,  "Bottled Gas Monitoring is just the latest innovation to join our suite of energy management products and services."

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