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  • 1 Jul 2020
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Genesis installs curved solar panels to power Emirates Team NZ

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  • Genesis installs curved solar panels to power Emirates Team NZ
  • Genesis is the Official Energy Partner for Emirates Team New Zealand
  • In a first of its kind solar installation for New Zealand, Genesis has fitted curved solar panels to the unique roof of the Emirates Team New Zealand base
  • Generated enough energy in the last week to brew 128,250 cuppas*
  • The solar installation was a year in the making, from planning, design, production, testing and installation

Genesis has taken powering Emirates Team New Zealand to a new level with an innovative installation of curved solar panels to the team’s base in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland. It’s a unique solution for a building known for its distinctive architectural features.

"This project has been a labour of love for everyone involved and we are proud to have completed the install of New Zealand’s first curved solar panels at this scale to one of Auckland’s most iconic buildings. These panels will power Emirates Team New Zealand through their defence of the 36th America’s Cup and will supply the building with energy for many years to come," James Magill, EGM Retail Markets, Genesis.

Shay Brazier of Revolve Energy specialises in the design and implementation of renewable energy, control, and monitoring solutions. As the lead engineer on the project, he worked with Genesis to explore the feasibility, design and installation of the solar panels, as well as monitoring and optimising energy production. "The panels were designed not only to suit the unique design of the building but to withstand the waterfront’s strong winds. Solar panels are typically rigid and bolted to the roof but due to the shape of the roof we bonded flexible solar modules." 

Grant Dalton, CEO of Emirates Team New Zealand is committed to driving innovation across all aspects of the business, while challenging partners to do the same - the installation of the solar panels is just that. "We hold a shared vision with all of our sponsors and it’s awesome to see the effort Genesis has gone to. They have demonstrated their expertise in renewable energy and as a result, we collectively hope to inspire like-minded companies to constantly push for innovation." 

New Zealand has great solar resource with most of the country getting at least 2000 hours** annually. Auckland alone has the capacity to generate as much solar as Nice in Southern France***. Solar energy should be considered more when looking at renewable energy solutions, Genesis has demonstrated that building structure isn’t a barrier.

Genesis is the proud sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand and their Official Energy Partner, providing electricity, solar and energy monitoring to the base.

"We’re tracking and sharing how much energy the solar panels are generating in real time and we’re bringing that data to life through a dashboard. Both the team and general public will be able to see it displayed on the giant digital screen outside the base, those not in Auckland will be able to see it on the Genesis website. Thank you to everyone who’s made this project a success, especially the teams at Revolve Energy, Reid Technology, SuperCity Solar, Regional Facilities Auckland and Panuku Development," James Magill, EGM Retail Markets, Genesis.

*Generated 855 kWh in solar energy in the last 7 days as at 30-06-20, calculation based on a 1.5 litre kettle (6x 250ml cups) consuming 0.04 kwh to boil
** As stated by Niwa
*** As outlined by IT Power (Australia) in a submission to MBIE

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