• Media release
  • 5 May 2021
  • 1 min read

Genesis contracts additional gas

Genesis is pleased to have contracted additional short-term gas to be supplied during late winter 2021. Whilst delivery of the gas is contingent upon a number of factors, it is expected that the total volume of gas is likely to be in the order of 700-800TJ, with a maximum daily quantity of 22TJ/day for up to 36 days possible.

A planned outage from an industrial user has created an opportunity for Genesis to purchase this gas. Genesis acknowledges and appreciates the willingness of industrial gas users to schedule and plan outages, and of suppliers to re-contract the related gas, in a considered way that can support both the electricity and gas markets at a time of significant stress for both markets.

Genesis will look to best optimize any gas delivered in the context of its overall portfolio to support its activities in both the electricity and gas markets.

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Chris Mirams


GM Communications and Media



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