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  • 15 Dec 2017
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Genesis called on to provide additional thermal generation

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  • Genesis called on to provide additional thermal generation

Genesis Energy confirmed today that it has been called on by the sector to run more thermal generation of electricity at its Huntly power station.

"As South Island lake levels fall, the important role Genesis plays in supporting the resilience of the New Zealand electricity system, to the benefit of households and customers across New Zealand, is being reinforced," Marc England, CEO Genesis. 

Mr England said there are risks as we go through winter that could have been avoided if thermal units had been running earlier to conserve hydro levels, "while the right thing for New Zealand is to remain focused on renewable energy, it is essential we use the thermal capacity we have available for the times when renewable generation may be insufficient to meet demand." 

Mr England said that while the low lake levels in the South Island were creating volatile wholesale prices, Genesis Energy customers should be confident that the risk is being managed for them and they won't see their prices change as a result.

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