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Genesis boosts flexibility and parental leave options

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Genesis is increasing its flexible working and parental leave options from 1 July 2018.

"We’re making changes as part of our commitment to inclusion at Genesis. Career paths and personal circumstances are intertwined, and we all have different needs at different points in our lives. Giving our people more choice around how they manage responsibilities at home and at work could be exactly what’s needed for them to maintain and grow their career at Genesis. We’re firm believers that if people are succeeding, performing and growing at work, that’s going to flow through to stronger engagement and better business performance for Genesis," Nicola Richardson, Executive General Manager, People and Culture, Genesis.

Genesis’ new flexibility options take a holistic approach to flexibility, and reflect that every age group in the workforce has different circumstances that might necessitate non-standard working hours, or time away from the workplace. Genesis is offering:

  • Buyable leave: via a salary sacrifice process, Genesis employees can buy between one and four additional weeks’ leave every year.
  • Career Breaks: unpaid leave for three, six or 12 months that can be used for travel, volunteering, sporting or caring responsibilities.
  • Phased retirement: supporting employees to transition successfully into retirement by gradually reducing working hours up to their desired retirement date.

In line with increased employee flexibility options, Genesis is offering enhanced parental leave entitlements. Its parental leave package has been designed to support new mums and dads across two key periods – the arrival of their child and in transitioning back to work at Genesis. Genesis’s new parental leave options are available to any permanent employee. Key changes include:

  • Salary Top Up: Genesis will top up the IRD’s Paid Parental Leave for employees to the employee’s equivalent base salary for 12 weeks.
  • Ease back to work– new parents can choose to work 80 per cent of their regular hours for their first month back at Genesis while receiving their full salary across this time.
  • Partner parental leave– two weeks’ of paid partner leave.
  • Annual leave accrual– annual leave continues to accrue across the parental leave period. 

Genesis’ parental leave enhancements are about making new parents feel valued, "the early months matter so much for young families We’re doing this because we want new Mums and Dads to choose to stay and grow their careers with us," says Richardson. 

Genesis has broadened both its approach to flexibility and parental leave entitlements as part of its ongoing commitment to inclusion across its workplaces. Genesis has achieved gender parity at Board level, well ahead of female director representation on the NZX Main Board, which is sitting at 17 per cent. 40 per cent of Genesis’ senior management roles are held by women and its Mind the Gap policy has helped drive greater awareness across the New Zealand energy sector around potential gender pay gap inequity.

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