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  • 28 Mar 2019
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Domestic violence isn’t just an issue for the police

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  • Domestic violence isn’t just an issue for the police

Genesis is committed to providing a safe and supportive workplace, and supporting violence-free families. The company is doing this by making sure any employees experiencing domestic violence can ask for and receive confidential help and support, and have access to appropriate help.

"The changes coming into effect today for employers like Genesis will have a positive impact on the safety of people experiencing domestic violence. Workplace discrimination is perhaps one of the most unfair consequences for people experiencing domestic violence. Abuse can be hard to talk about, and it’s not always easy to ask for help. To move past this, Genesis has implemented training for key support staff so that anyone in our workplace suffering physical or psychological trauma as a result of domestic violence is supported in ways that are sensitive to their situation," Nicola Richardson, EGM People and Culture, Genesis. 

New Zealand has the worst rate of family violence in the developed world. Approximately one in three partnered New Zealand women will experience some form of domestic violence during a relationship. Statistics are less readily available for male victims of domestic violence.

Genesis’ approach to supporting any employee experiencing domestic violence begins with a culture of culture of respect, fairness and inclusion and gender parity across its workplaces. It also includes:

  • Guidelines for all people leaders in supporting team members experiencing domestic violence
  • Guidelines for employees around asking for help if they are worried about the safety of a colleague
  • Access to free, specialist support for anyone experiencing domestic violence
  • Making it ok to talk openly about domestic violence as part of Genesis’ overall focus on managing employee wellbeing
  • Development of safety plans to ensure the safety of an employee while at work
  • Appropriate training for specialist support staff to support
  • Leave provisions for people experiencing domestic violence to manage their personal wellbeing, make arrangements for childcare or work flexibly as needed
  • Supporting any employees who are users of domestic violence in acknowledging and changing their behaviour

"What’s important is that people have the space and flexibility they need to overcome difficulties and re-establish themselves during or following a very challenging time in their lives. At Genesis, our focus is on helping anyone experiencing domestic violence maintain their job and financial stability. We’re doing this because this support could be what’s needed to help them live a safe and violence free life," says Richardson. 

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