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  • 4 Jul 2018
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Crunch Time quiz game: now available on a screen near you

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Do you know the difference between solar and wind power? Do you know whether animal poo can make power? Do you know whether it’s more energy efficient to have a shower or a bath?

Find out the answers to all this and more in Crunch Time – Genesis’ newest addition to the School-gen website! It’s an interactive quiz game aimed at kids of all ages. It’s being launched just before the school holidays, giving kids a fun way to keep learning – and entertained – during the break.

The game is hosted by animated character Edison (Eddie) Earth, and he will guide kids through the game whether they want to play at home, or with their science classes at school. Kids won’t even know they’re learning as they play the game – and work through a range of fun, informative and sometimes amusing questions.  

Crunch Time is available to play on the School-gen website and a mobile-friendly version of the game will be coming soon.

School-gen Manager, Jessica Rodger, said the game gathered fans when it was unveiled in May at the Space and Science Festival. "More than 3900 kids, parents and teachers from around the Wellington and Wairarapa region had a chance to test their knowledge. Players loved the interactive nature of Crunch Time – it was awesome to see everyone queuing up to play the game, and coming back for repeat sessions. It’s aimed at kids aged between seven and 12, though kids as young as four and grandparents in their sixties have all enjoyed playing Crunch Time." 

The game includes questions on topics including renewable energy, waste, electricity and endangered species. It is based on a progressive play model which means it increases in difficulty as each level is passed.

Space and Science Festival Chairman Lee Mauger is a big fan of making science more accessible for kids. "Genesis’ commitment to education was apparent at the three events – and this game shows they know how to get science learning across in a really fun and engaging way”.School-gen aims to inspire the energy innovators of tomorrow through science and technology learning, and has been running for 11 years. It is New Zealand’s only energy education programme offering curriculum linked resources, activities and games for children. This year, the School-gen programme has extended its free resources and tools, making them available to all New Zealand schools, kids and parents.“We’re really excited to be able to share Crunch Time with New Zealanders and are looking forward to continuing the work we’re doing to help inspire the energy innovators of the future through our School-gen resources, activities and games."

Crunch Time game is currently optimised for desktop. The game was developed by Genesis in conjunction with DOTDOT, a game studio specialising in AR, VR and educational games.

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