Genesis assesses viability of operating third Rankine

19 March 2019 Genesis is monitoring the electricity market, and like other market participants, is concerned about winter capacity given ongoing gas supply shortages and the risk of water shortages. Market participants have asked about Genesis’ ability to run a third Rankine over winter if gas or water shortages continue.
Tracey Hickman, Genesis EGM Generation and Wholesale, says since October 2018, available Huntly generation units, including two Rankine units have been operating to fill a generation gap in the market. Operating the Rankine units also allows the market to conserve water ahead of the peak winter period. 
“Genesis is not resourced to run three Rankine units, however, given the situation, we have begun a review of our operational resourcing and asset management commitments to see if we can create a winter option in the event the market volatility continues.”
“Adding additional winter capacity is not something we have planned for and to consider running a third Rankine unit, as well as Unit 5, even for short periods we need to be absolutely satisfied we could do so safely and without compromising the wellbeing of our people or the integrity of our assets.”  
“In order to ensure the market has as much information as possible Genesis is announcing that it is beginning this review and the preliminary work required to assess the possibility of running a third Rankine for short periods. At this stage Genesis can make no commitment to doing so.” 
“Genesis has a defined set of operational, health and safety, market and fuel availability criteria by which we will make decision and advise the market accordingly,” says Tracey.