20 Simple energy saving habits

Looking for simple ways to help reduce your energy use and lower your power bill?

We’ve put together a few habits that will help you start saving energy straight away. A few small changes can make a big difference over time. If you’re a Genesis customer, you can also use Energy IQ online or in the mobile app to help monitor and manage your energy use.   

Energy saving habits around your home

  • Switch off lights in rooms you aren’t using or won’t be in for a while
  • Shut the curtains before the sun sets to keep the warmth in
  • Avoid running a second fridge all the time unless you really need to
  • Unplug devices that are charging (phones, laptops etc.) once the battery is full  
  • Turn your hot water cylinder down – NOTE: The Ministry of Health recommend 60 degrees Celsius or higher to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria
  • Close doors of the rooms that you don’t need to heat or cool

Energy saving habits in the kitchen

Energy saving habits in the laundry

Energy saving habits in the bathroom


As a Genesis customer, you can take control of your power with the new Energy IQ app. Energy IQ was made in collabortion with customers like you. With it you have powerfool tools to forecast and compare your energy use.