Rivers, lakes & rainfall

Genesis collects detailed rainfall, river flow and lake level data from around our hydro generation sites every 15 minutes.

Tongariro power station

Tongariro Power Scheme

The Tongariro Power Scheme has a catchment area of more than 2600km2 in the North Island's central volcanic plateau.

The scheme gathers water from the mountains of the central plateau through Eastern and Western Diversions of the scheme. Water passes through a series of pipes, lakes, canals, and tunnels to the Mangaio, Tokaanu and Rangipo hydro power stations before entering Lake Taupo.

Waikaremoana power station

Waikaremoana Power Scheme

The Waikaremoana Power Scheme is a hydro-electric power development in northern Hawke’s Bay and consists of three power stations fed from the Lake Waikaremoana.

Water is taken from Lake Waikaremoana via tunnels to Kaitawa Power Station, before being discharged into Lake Kaitawa. It is then passed through Tuai Power Station and discharged into Lake Whakamarino. From there, water is carried by tunnel to Piripaua Power Station and is discharged into the Waikaretaheke River.

Tekapo power station

Tekapo Power Scheme

The Tekapo Power Scheme is at the head of the Waitaki Valley in the Mackenzie District of the South Island.

The scheme uses water from the glacial-fed Lake Tekapo to generate electricity through two power stations – Tekapo A and Tekapo B. Tekapo B sits in the bed of Lake Pūkaki, with outflows entering the lake directly.

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