Huntly Power Station

Bird's eye view of Huntly lake

Huntly Power Station

By capacity, Huntly is Aotearoa’s largest power station (953MW). It is located close to major population centres, has reliable access to cooling water, coal and gas resources, and benefits from limited transmission constraints.

The iconic, orange-tipped power station has been producing energy for New Zealand for more than 40 years. Huntly is critical to the country’s energy security and will play an interesting role in the future as we move to a low carbon future.

Genesis employees standing by a Huntly generator

Providing generation and support

The Huntly Power Station can provide base-load generation, while also being able to take advantage of higher prices in the short or medium term. The mix of generating units is likely to change over time as older gas/coal-fired generation units are placed into long-term storage, retired or replaced.

Huntly also plays an important role in supporting financial contracts offered by Genesis to other retailers and large customers as dry period 'insurance', and in providing ancillary services such as frequency and voltage support.