<b>Making sense of fuel cells for NZ  </b>

Making sense of fuel cells for NZ

Dr Michaela Kendall, co-founder and CEO of fuel cell company Adelan Ltd, talks to Genesis Energy about the breakthrough hydrogen economy and the future of fuel cells in New Zealand.
<b>The voice of a generation</b>

The voice of a generation

Sophie Handford, coordinator of the School Strike 4 Climate NZ and a Kāpiti District councillor, talks about what drives her and how she handles the frustration of the slow pace of change.
<b>Covid and climate change – New Zealand’s leadership role</b>

Covid and climate change – New Zealand’s leadership role

The challenges and opportunities of global scientific approaches to Covid-19 and climate change, including a key role for New Zealand.
<b>Turning the tide on shipping</B>

Turning the tide on shipping

Shipping presents one of the biggest challenges in global decarbonisation, but new initiatives are making waves, including one called Sparky.
<b>Killing coal at COP 26</b>

Killing coal at COP 26

COP 26 was hailed as a success by many, but the most important global climate change conference to have taken place to date drew to a close with the world still on course to see dangerous levels of global warming.