Climate Science: Rage, Hope, and Despair

By Sir Jonathon Porritt

The world is careering towards a number of critical tipping points in confronting the climate challenge. We should not turn away from the institutionalised hypocrisy of political leaders around the world and acknowledge the true nature of our betrayal of young people today.

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<b>Climate Science: Rage, Hope, and Despair</b>

Have we reached peak car?

By Amy Hamilton Chadwick

New Zealand’s long love affair with cars seems to be on the decline – and it’s part of a global trend. Fewer cars are being manufactured, people are driving less, working from home is gaining popularity and even the number of trucks on our road may have reached a peak. Could this be a turning point for New Zealand’s carbon emissions?Read more

<b>Have we reached peak car? </b>

Solar gets clever with clouds

By David Appleyard

Machine learning is being used to turn forecasting into ‘nowcasting’ that could boost the efficiency and appeal of solar energy here and around the world. A UK start-up that Google has helped fund explains how it works and the benefits.
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<b>Solar gets clever with clouds </b>

China Watch: Coal on the rise – can China turn it around?

By Robin Whitlock

Whether the world meets emissions targets depends largely on China. It burns half the coal used across the world to generate electricity, is outstripping all countries in building wind and solar generation, makes more than half the world’s EVs and is struggling to keep up with the demand for electricity. Each month, we’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening because what happens in China matters to us all.

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<b>China Watch: Coal on the rise – can China turn it around?</b>