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<b>Climate Science: Rage, Hope, and Despair</b>

Climate Science: Rage, Hope, and Despair

The world is careering towards a number of critical tipping points in confronting the climate challenge. We should not turn away from the institutionalised hypocrisy of political leaders around the world and acknowledge the true nature of our betrayal of young people today.
<b>Electric Dreams</b>

Electric Dreams

Kiwi race driver Mitch Evans – electric vehicles are the future, now
<b>The rise of electric farm vehicles</b>

The rise of electric farm vehicles

While most farmers are waiting for electric utes to become available one Otago farmer has been sold on electric farm vehicles for years.
<b>The future of energy is coming to you </b>

The future of energy is coming to you

Could power become more affordable, sustainable and flexible as industry disruption gathers pace? Innovator Rod Snodgrass says you need only look at telecommunications to see what might unfold.
<b>Sustainable Scarfie flats warmly welcomed </b>

Sustainable Scarfie flats warmly welcomed

The Sustainable Neighbourhood student accommodation teaches students to save energy, compost and recycle.