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Ready to shape the future of energy?

You’ve had a lightbulb moment. Those are familiar to us! New job, new you.

Come join Genesis, New Zealand’s largest energy retailer with more than 500,000 customers. We also generate about 20% of the country’s electricity from a diverse portfolio of thermal and renewable generation assets.

Genesis thrive on innovation, optimism and passion. You could help create new energy services; design great customer campaigns; generate energy to power our customers; help enable our digital platforms or support the business to deliver results.

We value our people and provide opportunities for them to build outstanding careers as well as a better New Zealand. Create your world of tomorrow, at Genesis.

Gender Equality and Living Wage

Genesis is committed to our people. We are a proud recipient of the YWCA’s GenderTick™. We are also a Living Wage employer. We stand by gender equality and ensuring that our people are able to afford life’s expenses.

Have a read of our Gender Gap Statement.