Understanding LPG Bottled Gas

How to order your 45kg LPG gas bottle refills and advice to help ensure that you always have plenty of gas!

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How to order your gas bottles!

  • Order gas bottle refills via our Mobile App, it's easy, tap-tap and you're done or order by using our online form.
  • A full bottle will be delivered in around four working days, excluding weekends and public holidays.
  • If you require an urgent delivery an extra fee is payable in addition to the standard delivery charge. Please contact us on 0800 300 400 to confirm time and costs.

Here's how it works!

One cylinder (primary) provides the main supply and the other (reserve) is a backup that provides extra gas when required.LPG primary tank
When the primary cylinder is empty, the regulator changes over to the reserve cylinder and the indicator turns red.

LPG secondary tank
Increased usage or cold weather can cause a drop in cylinder pressure causing a temporary changeover (red indicator). If the primary bottle is not keeping up with demand it will call on the reserve to help deliver the amount of gas needed.

When to order!

  • Check the indicator on a regular basis. If using for heating, check every second day during winter.
  • Check the indicator 12 hrs after its turned red (without any appliances turned on).
  • If it's still red after then you need to order a refill.
LPG meter
*May be green or clear when there is gas


  • Don't touch the auto change regulator dial as this is changed by the driver when the new cylinder is delivered.
  • Turning the dial can lead to the incorrect cylinder being collected.
  • Both cylinders must be turned on in order to meet the demand of the appliances.

Turning off one cylinder can:

  • Lead to premature failure of appliances and may limit the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Produce, in some cases, a hazardous environment due to inadequate gas supply.
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