Bill break – PP 15 terms and conditions

  1. To be eligible for the Price Park Plan, bill break offer ("Offer"), you must be:
    1. a selected existing Genesis Energy residential customer;
    2. on a standard single-phase residential connection and not on an embedded network; and
    3. Sign up to a 15 month term for an electricity only or electricity and natural gas Price Park Plan (Plan) between 19 December 2016 and 31 December 2016, either online or through the Genesis Energy Call Centre. The term will commence from the date you accept the Offer either online or through the Genesis Energy Call Centre.
  2. If it is subsequently found that you do not meet the above eligibility criteria, Genesis Energy may remove you from the Offer. In those circumstances, subject to meeting Genesis Energy's acceptance criteria, you may be offered Genesis Energy's standard pricing for your network, pricing plan and meter type on its standard terms and conditions of energy supply.
  3. The Offer includes one month of free electricity, up to a maximum value of $250 (incl. GST).
  4. The one month of free electricity (up to $250) will be credited to your energy bill for your next complete billing period following the date you sign up to the Plan, for the amount of energy you use in that period (up to $250).
Exclusions & termination