Managing your bill

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At Genesis, we're always looking for ways to offer even more value to our customers. That's why we reward our customers on an eligible plan* with Fly Buys points for the energy they use every day. You'll earn 1 Fly Buys point for every $50 you spend on your energy bill. Sign up for electricity and gas to  double your earning rate!

Fly Buys has a vast selection of rewards for you to choose from, including home appliances, electronic devices, sports equipment, vouchers and so much more.  With the points you'll get from Genesis, and other Fly Buys partners, you'll be treating yourself at the Fly Buys store in no time! Little wonder it's New Zealand's favourite loyalty programme.

* Energy Basic Plans are not eligible for Fly Buys points.

Join Genesis

Join Genesis on an Energy Plus plan and once we have your Fly Buys number you’ll start earning points straight away.

Already with Genesis?

If you’re already with Genesis it’s easy to add your Fly Buys number to your account to start earning.  Just log in to Energy IQ.

Not registered for Energy IQ?  You can register here.

Not with Fly Buys yet? Signing up is easy. Just head to the Fly Buys website to get started.