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Bringing Emirates Team New Zealand and School-gen together to inspire the next generation of scientists, innovators and engineers.

Genesis and Emirates Team New Zealand will work together to introduce new STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) resources and activities for schools in the lead-up to the Defence of the 36th America’s Cup. Members of Emirates Team New Zealand and the Genesis School-gen team will tour selected schools with the America’s Cup to inspire future STEM leaders and innovators.

Sustainability is a joint focus of Genesis and Emirates Team New Zealand, with both organisations committed to reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impacts.  As part of this partnership, Genesis will provide Emirates Team New Zealand with an innovative and sustainable energy solution for its base.

Both Genesis and Emirates Team New Zealand are known for innovation and technological solutions. Both rely on engineers, scientists and designers, who are the unsung heroes powering New Zealand homes and the America’s Cup boats.

This is the second time Genesis has supported Emirates Team New Zealand, the first being during the 2003 Defence of the America’s Cup in Auckland.

Genesis is proud to get behind New Zealand’s favourite sailing team again and looks forward to bringing the America’s Cup excitement to kiwi kids all around the country.

Check out Emirates Team New Zealand's mechatronics engineer Ryan Thomas and sailor Blair Tuke receiving a very warm welcome  - and a Human Energy Generator challenge - at Arahoe School, New Lynn, Auckland.
Download images of Emirates Team New Zealand and Genesis celebrating the partnership with a visit to Genesis School-gen school, Arahoe in New Lynn.